See Lauren Peddinghaus, owner of Haus Financial Services, speak about how the company works with small condominiums in her CAN-TV Interview.

This interview was part of the Chicago City Treasurer/SCORE Chicago 2014 Elevator Pitch Contest, for which HausFS took 2nd place.


Haus Financial Services is taking a new approach to¬†Condominium Association management…

Haus Financial Services focuses exclusively on smaller condominium associations…

Smaller condominium associations typically do not require the full range of services included in a contract with a traditional property management and often the cost of those services is prohibitive. Haus Financial Services is devoted to supporting smaller associations at reasonable fees. We do not aim to be everything to every association–we want to be a reliable resource for your small condominium.

Haus Financial Services reduces owners’ time and stress…

Smaller condominium associations that do not employ a property management company must absorb the responsibility of managing the financial well-being of the building themselves. This means a lot of time and stress for owners who volunteer to serve their community, particularly if they do not have any accounting experience. It can also lead to conflict between owners when it comes to collecting overdue assessments and enforcing late fees. Having a third party to handle these delicate matters helps to avoid unnecessary upset.

Haus Financial Services allows you to choose and connect with your service providers directly…

Though HausFS does not manage the physical maintenance of your building, we do post our client-recommended vendors on the Chicago Condo Resource. This website helps boards connect with service providers that have been used successfully by our clients. Clients are not bound to any particular vendors, so they are always able to make a change when they are unhappy with a service.

Here are a few examples of how we work with small condominium associations to ensure their success:

Accepting association turnover from your developer?
HausFS will help you to understand the procedures necessary to get your new association up and running.

Delinquent unit owners?
HausFS will monitor owner accounts, make recommendations to the board about collection options and coordinate legal collection action with the association’s preferred attorney.

Looking for the minutes from the last meeting or details on vendor expenses?
Access your Association records online from your Online Documents–anywhere you have internet access.

Not sure how to run an Association meeting?
Find a comprehensive guide on the Chicago Condo Resource, hosted by HausFS.

Haus Financial Services helps self-managing owners save time and stress at rates appropriate to small associations. Our strong focus on your financial well-being helps to protect the value of your investment.