For self-managing associations who wish to keep financial processing in-house, offers a simple, easy-to-navigate solution for managing your association’s finances.

• Track Owner Accounts

• Accept Owner Payments Electronically (ACH and Credit/Debit Card)

• Email Balances or Print Statements

• Record Bank Transactions and Reconcile Bank Accounts

• Print Financial Reports

• Create Budgets and Update Assessment Charges with One Click!

• …and more! will help your association to:

• Maintain consistency of financial records even when there is turnover on the board.

• Provide legal counsel with accurate records when collection action is needed.

• Create accurate annual budgets based on historical data.

• Make informed financial decisions.

• Provide legally required financial reports to unit owners.

Single-user license begins at $25/month for the first 5 units.

Each additional unit is $5/month.

Additional users are $10/month.

Setup Fee: $10/unit/month (Optional – Includes Unit, Owner & Bank Account Setup and YTD Transactions)

Email Support: $199/Annually (Optional)

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