Condos are catching up with technology!

Changes to the IL Condo Act in 2015 have paved the way for the use of technology in condominium association business. Associations can now provide required notices to owners via email and conduct owner voting online, though there are requirements for implementing these procedures.

HausFS is a strong proponent of using technology to help condo associations run more efficiently. As a result, we’ve created an Online Voting System that allows our clients to conduct elections online.

  • Increase owner participation
  • Ensure owner votes are conducted in accordance with IL condo law
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and tabulation errors
  • Maintain an official record of results

HausFS Electronic Voting Package (for current clients wishing to adopt electronic notices and/or voting):

Get your association prepared for electronic notices and voting so that you can take advantage of this change in IL condo law!

  • Drafted Rules & Regulations for your association authorizing Electronic Notices and/or Voting
  • Drafted Agenda for meeting to approve Rules & Regulations
  • Drafted Minutes recording board vote to approve Electronic Notices and/or Voting
  • Notice of Meeting delivered to all owners with a copy of the proposed Rules & Regulations as required by the IL Condo Act (10 days’ notice required)
  • Eligibility for the NEW HausFS Online Voting System

HausFS Online Voting System (for current clients who have properly adopted electronic voting):

  • Electronic and paper notice of Election/Owner Vote to all owners with link to Online Voting System
  • Online Voting by Ownership Percentage (Requires owners to register and vote online under an authorized email address on record with HausFS)
  • Results link delivered to board upon close of voting period, including total votes cast and breakdown of votes by ownership percentage
  • Documentation of results and all votes submitted posted to Online Documents/Board Access Only

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