Haus Financial Services provides a “Property Management Alternative” to smaller, self-managing condominium associations  in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

We provide complete financial and administrative processing with our Basic Service Package. We also work closely with Board members and their legal counsel regarding delinquency issues.

Our New Association Success Package helps new associations to get off on the right foot.  We’ll guide you through the turnover process, reconcile the developer’s financial records, prepare a reasonable budget and educate your new board on Best Practices.

HausFS has also developed an online bookkeeping program for self-managed associations. can help you to track owner accounts, reconcile your financial records and generate financial reports.

Finally, HausFS has partnered with other experts to create, an online resource featuring education and management support for condo owners and board members.

Our goal is to reduce time commitments for owners, provide accurate data for Board decisions, and educate Boards and owners on community living. The end result is a well-managed association that makes a positive contribution to the community at large.

HausFS is not trying to be everything to all associations.  We aim to be a reliable, one-stop resource for your small, self-managing condominium association.