All vendors operating under a Social Security Number (Individuals) rather than an Employer Identification number (Corporations) must provide a completed W-9 in order to be paid.

Please download the form HERE, have it completed by the vendor and return to HausFS by mail or email to

NOTE: Please be patient when submitting your form! Allow time for the file upload confirmation and confirmation of the submitted form.

 If you are submitting an image document, please try converting it to a PDF for uploading. If unsuccessful, email all required information and attachments directly to

Bill Payment_Owner Reimbursement Request_2023
A Current Board Member must complete and submit this form. Please enter the submitting Board Member's name here.
Owner Reimbursement Details *
In the "Payee Name" field, enter the name of the Owner to be reimbursed. In the "Expense Category" drop-down, select the category for the expense paid on behalf of the association.
If the expense is to be charged back to an Owner's account, select Owner Reimbursable Expense Category and indicate the owner to charge here. This is ONLY required if the expense can be charged back to an Owner.
Authorization for Payment *
By checking the box, you are authorizing Haus Financial Services, LLC to issue payment to the vendor/owner as detailed on the documents provided. All submissions received via this form will be processed without further request for authorization, unless there is a discrepancy or additional information is required.
File Upload (Please allow time to process upload before completing reCaptcha, then Submit) *

Maximum file size: 516MB