HausFS charges a one-time, per contract fee for all sales and refinances.  The fee covers communication and requested documentation from attorneys, real estate agents, lenders and the board through closing.

Our involvement ensures that owners are paid up on their account before selling and allows us to communicate with the new owner once a sale has been confirmed.  It also minimizes the board’s time in responding to emails, phone calls and document requests related to these transactions.

A Closing Documentation Fee is charged to the association for any transfer of property.  The fee must be paid by the seller before any documents will be released.

Payment can be made online or via check.  Please make all checks payable to your association, indicate the unit number and the reason for the payment and deliver to:

Haus Financial Services, LLC
4313 N. Western Ave., #1
Chicago, IL 60618

Owners can also make their payment online via ACH, Debit or Credit Card.