Our clients are talking about HausFS...

“HausFS is one of the few companies that is aware of the concerns and troubles that exist for smaller, self-managed associations. It is reassuring to have a resource, to have a network of established relationships, and most importantly to have someone in my corner to go to when our association has a problem.”
“HausFS has been a great resource for me as I straightened out a number of issues with my association. I was learning on the job and HausFS was able to provide invaluable background and information about whatever topic I was tackling at the time. It helped me get up to speed on various condo related topics having a trusted resource like HausFS helping me out.”
“We’re a small association but sometimes have big needs. HausFS has been great at being there to help us with any management-related issues, regardless of the size. The team at HausFS is always responsive and knows their stuff. We’re happy (and lucky) to have them managing our associations needs.”
“HausFS is always responsive when we have questions or concerns. They are also proactive in letting us know about any issues.”
“HausFS has helped us establish an association in our small condo building. Among other things, they have helped us navigate some difficult issues with our developer.”
“After having consistent problems with self management, my wife suggested HausFS to get things under control. Not only do they take care of our finances, but they have suggested money saving tips, given us excellent referrals, and taken care of awkward situations with other condo owners. Thanks HausFS…we “heart” you!”
“HausFS has provided us with efficient service and quality care in managing our building. They are always responsive and have helped us to solve problems quickly. They’re great.”
“Overall, deciding to use HausFS was the best decision ever made by our board. First and most importantly, their team is knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. Never difficult to reach by phone or e-mail they always have the answer to questions that challenge our board. And if you need them, they also have great resources for vendors, such as repairs, insurance, legal, etc. I highly recommend their service to all associations.”
“They make our job easier when it comes to managing the ins & outs of association finances.”
“I live in a newly built building and have been struggling with issues with our developer in transitioning the condo association over to the owners and making sure we start on the right foot. My fellow board members and I don’t have much experience, or knowledge, with condo associations so we relied heavily on Lauren for guidance from very basic things to very complicated issues. I can’t even imagine what our association would have done, or more importantly not done, without Lauren’s assistance. I believe her services should be a requirement for any small condo association.”
“I love the timely responses and expert advice from HausFS. Definitely a plus for a newly created board with no prior experience. We know the team is always there to help! Thanks, HausFS!”
“I think HausFS is very helpful, honest and reliable.”