If you are happy with your service from HausFS and know someone who could use our help, please send them our way!

Since 2007, it has been our mission to fill the gap between self-management and full service management so that smaller buildings can get the support they need. Client referrals are a wonderful way for HausFS clients to show their trust in us while helping us to extend a hand to small condo owners who are struggling to manage their associations.

Each year we hold a Client Referral Contest. All HausFS clients who refer a new client to our Basic Service Package will be entered into an annual raffle for a $500 Amazon gift card. Each referral earns you an entry, so the more you refer the greater your chance of winning that $500 prize!

New clients must sign a Service Agreement for our Basic Service Package and submit their initial fees before a raffle entry is earned.
Drawings will be held in January of each year for the prior year’s referrals.
Contest prize is awarded after the new client has completed one year of service on the Basic Service Package.
Participants must be current HausFS clients. We ask all new prospects how they heard about us – so don’t forget to tell your referral to let us know who sent them so you can claim your entry!